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NATs for network ranges

Dear all,

we have a scenario where one of our customers has multiple subnets that are not compatible with our addressing scheme. They are using 192.168.n.0/24,but we want to address them with 10.m.112.0/24. The host addresses within the networks should stay the same during translation and we want to avoid configuring lots of "ip nat inside source static <inside-local> <inside-golbal>" commands.

Can we use

ip nat inside source static network /24

ip nat inside source static network /24

ip nat inside source static network /24

to translate the whole network prefixes ? Does that translate into, for example ? Or are there other or additional commands needed to achieve that ?

Thank you very much in advance.


Re: NATs for network ranges

Yes, Your configuration will absolutely works for what you are thinking. And be sure that for Network static address translation, make sure that both source and destination network prefix lengths the same. For eg,

ip nat inside source static network /28

This configuration allows static one-to-one static mapping from to, but if u try translation for or greater, you will get ICMP time exceeded error messages.

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