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Need advice - (Forced to start IT company)

The title isn't exactly correct, I am not being forced. However I like to think of it this way (motivation), I would hate to see money thrown away when it can be done 'inhouse'

A little history of my networking experience. Back in 2001 I owned a company that hired consultants to implement local and WAN technologies. Nothing serious the biggest job we did was setting up 150 users between a couple of locations.

Moving forward today I invest in real estate deals, ground up developments, commercial projects. We are launching two locations (co-working office space) 25,000 square feet each. 500-600 users hard wired, wireless and intranet x2.

I want to start a company to design the aritecture and implement the network.

I would like to know what cisco professional(s) should I work with as a key team member(s) to help me gather the core team needed to implement this type of company. My role is getting the team together and oversee the operation; but I need to get a core team of professionals and this is where I need some help.

Thanks in advance.

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Need advice - (Forced to start IT company)


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At the center of your core group you want someone who's very good technically, plays wells with others, and can train others.  The last two I'm sure you can determine yourself, but it's difficult to rate technical competence unless you know the technology about as well as the person you're trying to hire.

Your best bet might be to pursue someone with consulting experience.  Not only would the person already have experience working for 3rd party clients, but as a very broad generalization, those working in such roles tend to undergo a little more scrutiny and are often held to delivering results more than an internal only position.  Once you find this initial key player, they should be able to help you fill out the rest of your team.

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