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Need help getting remote office to use corporate as internet GW

Hello, at corporate we have assigned via our ISP. A 2500 series router is there and running at .130. We then have a remote office via another 2500 connecting to corporate. We would like to assign as few possible ip's as we can get by with on the remote side of the router and have them accessible to the internet. We would also like the remote side to use corporate as the gateway to the internet. The link is up and we set some private addrsess space on the ppp that connects the two sites and each router can see the other fine. My trouble is in getting the routers configured so that we can use a public address at the remote site that internet users can hit. Any help is appreciated.


Re: Need help getting remote office to use corporate as internet

I am not sure I fully understand exactly what you are asking here but if you configure NAT, Network Address Translation in the remote router using the 'overload' option, then you only need to use the one public address on the 'outside' interface.

See the following URL for more information -

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