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need help in connecting router peer to peer


i have a 1720 series router i intent to connect it to another router but i only have a wic. is there any way to connect it to another router? if yes which series of router should i get? i look at the wic it is stated there serial 1 i remove the moduler and it is stated WIC T1. can any please help me and advice me? thanks a lot in advance.


Re: need help in connecting router peer to peer

You have a 1720 with one wic. The wic is a Wic-1-T which is a 1 port wan interface card. Does the wic have a 60 pin serial port ?

Yes you can connect it to another router. Is it for a lab environment, or production environment ?? For lab you can use a back to back serial cable. If you can get the connector type at either ends of the routers, I can get you the part number or possibly a website where you can get the cable.

For production environment, you will need to order a leased line or frame-relay connection and then connect the routers to a csu and from csu to the leased line.


Re: need help in connecting router peer to peer

From description in the other post "connecting 1720 series router" it sounds like it's a WIC-1T and not a WIC-1DSU-T1. (When I first read it here I thought it was a WIC for connecting to a T1 circuit, which would be the WIC-1DSU-T1.)

You can do a back-to-back serial connection between two Cisco routers using either HDLC encapsulation (default) or PPP encapsulation. In my reply to the other post, I included a link to a configuration example using PPP. You can find the other post here:

Hope this helps.

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