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Need help on Cisco 7513

We have cisco 7513 with 2*RSP4(64 DRAM 16 FLASH), VIP2-15(1 FastEthernet, 8 port Serial EIA/TIA-232), VIP2-40(1 FastEthernet, 8 port Serial V.35)

IOS rsp-jsv-mz.112-7.P

When I change (update) IOS from ver.11.2(7)P to ver.12.1(6) or 12.0(3)T VIP2-15 not initialized.

in than can be reason?


Re: Need help on Cisco 7513


I ran the above through the HW/SW matrix and it looks like 12.1(6) should be ok, but 12.0(3)T isn't okay. The matching 12.0T image for the hardware you listed is 12.0(7)T at a minimum. 12.2(1) or higher mainline release is also ok according to the matrix.

What errors are you getting on boot? Maybe if you post a capture we can be of more help.

Regards, Erick

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Re: Need help on Cisco 7513

I have similar config on my 7513, and ran the HW/SW matrix for the first time, after i saw your note. I found 12.0(7)T at a minimum, Does it mean that I can use 12.0(19) IOS. I like to use 12.0(19) because its a "GD". Thanks. vic.

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Re: Need help on Cisco 7513

I would suggest using 12.0(19)S.

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