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Need info in Bus Error

Hi all

Can anyone tell me why i m getting these error message when my ISDN is getting dropped ?

Queued messages:

*** BUS ERROR ***

access address = 0x0

program counter = 0x2152b34

status register = 0x2700

vbr at time of exception = 0x4000000

special status word = 0x0045

faulty cycle was a longword read

monitor : command "boot" aborted due to exception

I am getting this error message when the same router reboots...

System returned to ROM by bus errorat PC 0x2152B36, address 0x0

thx in advace



Re: Need info in Bus Error

more than likely you have a hardware issue , I recommend a opening a Tac case

Re: Need info in Bus Error


when i tried to find out the exact reason ...i m getting the error in the range PC 0x2152B36 0x0253D2D4 0x02553C5B

main:text...i can understand main means main memory DRAM..but whts meant by text(main:text)??

Region Manager:

Start End Size(b) Class Media Name

0x02000000 0x0277FFFF 7864320 Local R/W main

0x02005000 0x0253D2D3 5472980 IText R/W main:text

0x0253D2D4 0x02553C5B 92552 IData R/W main:data

0x02553C5C 0x025BB50B 424112 IBss R/W main:bss

0x025BB50C 0x0277FFFF 1854196 Local R/W main:heap

0x02780000 0x027FFFFF 524288 Iomem R/W iomem

thks in advacne


Re: Need info in Bus Error

hi all

i got into this level but still couldnt find the exact meaning for that main:text...

router#show region a 0x2152B36

Address 0x02152B36 is located physically in :

Name : text

Class : IText

Media : R/W

Start : 0x02005000

End : 0x0253D2D3

Size : 0x005382D4

The purpose of some of the regions is:


where code lives

i got the info for text also but couldnt able to understand whts meant by code which code ??

pls help ...


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