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Net work UP time for 3560 series and 3750 series.


I would like to know what is the failover time required if the 2 switches of 3560 used (ie the time required to switch over to the redendent switch) in seconds

Secondly what would be the failover time if 2 3750 switches used. If anybody have any site specifying this mearsures,please let me know.

With regards



Re: Net work UP time for 3560 series and 3750 series.

Hi Joy,

If you have HSRP or VRRP enabled on you switches by default the failover time to redundent switch is 10-15 seconds by default.This is both in case of 3560 and 3750.

The first 10 seconds is the Hold time that HSRP will use to declare the standby router that active is down and another 5 second approx it will take to bring the standby switch as active for HSRP and also bring the interfaces up.

Rest you can change your HSRP timers to alter the default hello and hold time using " standby timers command ".AFA recommendation goes, do not play with the default timers unless you have really a need for it.


-amit singh

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Re: Net work UP time for 3560 series and 3750 series.

HI Amit,

Thanks for info.

Could you provide any url details or documents giving information about these switches failover time or related performance please,

Thanks once again for the valuable info.

Re: Net work UP time for 3560 series and 3750 series.

Hi Frined,

As Amit stated if you are using HSRP the failover time can be between 10-15 seconds

Here you go with the link so check the default timere values

Incase you are not using HSRP at layer 3 for redundancy there can also be a possibility of redundancy at layer 2 between 2 3550 or 2 3750 or infact any 2 switches which is STP redundany and in that case the failover time can vary between 20 seconds to 50 seconds depending upon the topology and configuration.

Check this link for STP redyndany where you can configure 1st 3550 with STP root and 2nd 3550 as STP secondary root for failover

Check this link

Read the timer values in same link



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