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Netconfig job details

We ran a netconfig job on about 700 devices and when I try to get to the job details, I just get the hourglass and the report doesn't come up. Is there a log or textfile somewhere that contains netconfig job details?


Re: Netconfig job details

You're using NetConfig on way too many devices at one time. Try using it for 10-20 at a time instead.

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Re: Netconfig job details

rmushtaq is right. 700 is far too many. We set an upper limit of 5!

You should be able to cancel the job from within CW2000. If not, you will have to somehow kill the process - on a Unix system, from the command line, or on an NT system, from Task Manager.

Further, we now only use CW2000 for image uploads. For configuration changes, the outcome of a hung job can be that you lose the router.

For mass config changes, you may want to investigate using an Expect script, or a Perl script using the Net::Telnet module available from CPAN - you will need to find someone who has done this before. But once a script is developed, it is easy to reconfigure for future jobs.



Re: Netconfig job details

We use between 20 -25 devices without a problem per job .

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Re: Netconfig job details

We use between 100-200 devices also without any problems. However these have only been small config changes.

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