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Netconfig to use only tftp or snmp

Is it possible to configure netconfig to use tftp and snmp only instead of telnet to update the configuration of the routers.




Re: Netconfig to use only tftp or snmp

In RME 3.5, yes:

Setting the Transport Protocol Order for NetConfig Jobs:

You can set the protocol order for NetConfig jobs to download and fetch configurations. This setup allows you to use your preferred protocol order for fetching and downloading the configuration.

Note: NetConfig jobs will not use the transport protocol order specified in the Configuration Management window (Resource Manager Essentials > Configuration Management > General Setup).

For downloading the configurations, the protocols used are Telnet and SSH. The d

efault order is,


SSH (Secure Shell)

For fetching the configurations, the protocols used are Telnet, TFTP, SSH, and rcp. The default order is,

TFTP (Trivial File Transport Protocol)


rcp (remote copy protocol)

SSH (Secure Shell)

You can change the protocol order for both downloading and fetching the configurations.

Your login determines whether you can use this option.


Select Resource Manager Essentials > Administration > Configuration Management >

Configuration Job Setup. The Configuration Job Setup dialog box appears.

Click the Transport tab.

Click on the protocol to reorder, then click Up or Down to change its position in the list.

While downloading the configuration and fetching the configuration, if you select the Fallback on failure option, the NetConfig jobs use the first protocol in the list. If the first protocol in the list fails, these jobs use the second protocol and so on, until they find a transport protocol for downloading the configurations.

It is recommended that you use Telnet as the transport protocol for fetching the configuration on CSS devices.

If you select the Disable RCP option for fetching configurations, NetConfig jobs will not use rcp protocol.

Note: If rcp is enabled, you receive a syslog message in your console port indicating the rcp transport mechanism is attempting to connect to a device.

Click Apply. A confirmation message appears.

Click OK

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