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Netflow export problem

I have a cisco router cisco 2611 (MPC860) with IOS Version 12.2(8)T5.

I configured:

ip flow-cache timeout inactive 10

ip flow-cache timeout active 10

ip cef

interface Ethernet0/1

ip address

ip accounting output-packets

ip route-cache flow

ip policy route-map internet


bridge-group 1


interface Serial0/1

bandwidth 2000

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay

ip route-cache flow

no ip mroute-cache

load-interval 30

no fair-queue

frame-relay traffic-shaping


ip flow-export source Ethernet0/1

ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-export destination 9995

But, I am not receiving the flow on my Unix-Solaris ( server.

when I execute sh ip flow export:

Flow export is enabled

Exporting flows to (9995)

Exporting using source interface Ethernet0/1

Version 5 flow records

7994835 flows exported in 266495 udp datagrams

0 flows failed due to lack of export packet

0 export packets were sent up to process level

0 export packets were dropped due to no fib

0 export packets were dropped due to adjacency issues

0 export packets were dropped due to fragmentation failures

0 export packets were dropped due to encapsulation fixup failures

What it could be happening ? Please, I need help.

Community Member

Re: Netflow export problem

check your policy map config on your ethernet interface. It may not be classifying and matching packets correctly

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