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Netflow export restrictions


Is there anyway when im exporting an aggregation (prefix aggregation) to restrict that export to only one prefix, that is the only one im interested?

Im exporting from 3600's and 7500's and i need only info related to one /27 from a specific customer.


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Re: Netflow export restrictions

We got around this problem through our netflow collector software. Typical netflow collectors dump it all to some SQL backend and you have to trawl through it and its extremely inefficient especially if you are interested in a small part of it.

Our netfow collector is an application that works a little like a firewall does. You only collect on what you are interested in...

ie, You create a datapoint and associate an access-list style of filter with it. (if you are familiar with IOS access lists then you will get the idea). So when the netflow hits the collector, only traffic matching the filter associated with each datapoint gets recorded to the datapoint. By default, we only record the size of each flow because we use this as a billing technique. However when a customer requests more detail we record full details of all flows matching the filter where necessary.

We are an ISP and use this technique for billing our broadband customers in real-time. It enables us to create itemised invoices breaking down bandwidth into different protocols, address ranges, etc.

Its commercialware and I haven't read up fully on acceptable use for these discussion forums. So I will avoid turning this into a spam advertisement and instead I suggest contacting me directly ( and I can explain things in more detail.

(as an added bonus, the software also can be used to monitor SNMP, NT Perfmon API, SQL transactions, etc)



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Re: Netflow export restrictions

Hi, you can do this by going to the NetFlow collector and running NFUI on the flow collector.In there You define a thread in which you define the aggregation scheme and then you create a filter attached to it in which you can give the

Particular prefix. and activate the thread and filter.



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