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Netmeeting problem thru Cisco 2620 router; will not allow netmeeting out

We are doing testing, but we cant get this to work: I have a home computer running netmeeting and allowing our network server's ip thru the firewall (I tested to see if the home host can accept from other computers and it can with no problems). The problem seems to be from our workplace out to the host system at my home. We are running MS Proxy server, and a Cisco 2620 router. Our network admin does not seem to know enough about the router to say it is heldup there or where. Can anyone help me locate the problem?

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Re: Netmeeting problem thru Cisco 2620 router; will not allow ne

My bet is that its being held up at the MS Proxy, as the router should just be passing IP traffic out to the network (show iproute , etc.) Also, have you checked the home pc to see what ports are open? Go to a DOS window and do netstat -a to see what ports, protocols, etc are open.

Here's as MS link about NetMeeting that shows what ports should be open thru firewall, etc. :

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