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Netware 6 srvr. cluster on CAT4006

Hello all,

We are about to build an application and Network load balanced server cluster using Novell Netware 6. We will be using application (Email: GroupWise) and file server clustering agents. We are planning on connecting the end user (non-cluster/heartbeat communication) addressable NIC’s to the copper switch ports on the L3 module in the CAT4006.

The planned cluster configuration will be:

Server A (Active Mail server, Passive/Fail over Fileserver):

Two NIC's running network load balancing with IP plugged in CAT4k switch ports 2/4 and 2/5

Server B (Active Fileserver, Passive/Fail over Mail server)

Two NIC's running network load balancing with IP plugged into CAT4k switch ports 2/6 and 2/7

With this in mind is there any caveat to consider when configuring these ports? Portfast, ECT... ?

The Catalyst 4k configuration is:

Catalyst 4006 with:

Ws-x4013 1000BaseX supervisor version II

ws-x4232-l3 Route Proc.


The current configuration is a Collapsed Core design that has the Catalyst 4006 serving as a core and distribution layer. There are a total of 15 Bay Stack 4xx and 3xx series Layer 2 access layer switches uplinked from the 4124fx ports (100/full). Each of the 15 fiber ports is associated to a unique VLAN. Each of the VLANS are configured to route IP and IPX (default settings). 4 of these fiber ports are also Bridging IEEE (For LAT traffic) with IRB for IP and IPX routing.

The switch and Route processor are configured through a single port channel (port channel 1). Each of the 15 VLANs were configured as sub-interfaces off port channel 1 (Port-channell1.%VLAN%) using dot1q encapsulation. There is one subinterface per VLAN. Each subinterface has an IP and IPX address as well as an IP helper address to forward DHCP broadcast requests. Rip is turned on.



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Re: Netware 6 srvr. cluster on CAT4006

You should look at the following link for all known caveats on 4006 with supervisor II engine

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