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Netware SLP across a Service Provider WAN

Has anyone run Netware SLP over a WAN where the service provider core does not support multicast? I have heard rumours that the Netware servers themselves can tunnel the multicast packets in IP and send them to other servers over the WAN. Has anyone configured this and does it scale to say 5 remote sites connecting to an MPLS WAN?

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Re: Netware SLP across a Service Provider WAN

There are two ways to get this working:

1. Build a tunneled (GRE) infrastructure through the service provider network and start running IP Multicast routing - no client configs but you must have a own router at each site (I'm running 20 sites in that way)

2. Configure the Netware Client with static entrys pointing towards the servers running SLP DA - i.e running SLP over unicast. This can either be done on each client or by a DHCP server that supports the Netware extensions.

Tip, look at theese TID's at

TID 10025313 - Frequently Asked Questions about SLP

TID 10014396 - "SLP Terms and Configuration Reference"

TID 10014467 - "Configuring a LAN/WAN infrastructure for SLP"

TID 10014466 - "Configuring SLP for a NetWare Client"

TID 10027163 - "Configuring SLP for a NetWare Server

TID 10062474 - "SLP Design and Implementation Guidelines"

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