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Network Based Backup

Hello All,

I need some advice.

Currently we are utilizing a WS C3550 12T gigabit switch in which we have most all of our servers connected to with each server having a Gigabit network card. Currently we purchased a new Quantum Superloaded 3 LTO3 tape drive to perform our backups. It's performance is less than acceptable. Each port on the switch is configured at 1000/full, however the server nics are set to Auto. Should I set the server nics to hardcode 1000/full as well? I have looked at all interfaces on the switch and I do not see any errors what so ever on any of the ports. However in the logs I do see that some of the interfaces are going up and down within a 4 to 5 second timeframe...but in the same breath non of the timeframes in which these up/down interfaces coencided with the backup timeframe.

Any suggestions?

I just want to eliminate that this is a network problem before approching the tape drive and software support.



Re: Network Based Backup

Check your cabling (jumpers and infrastructure) a flaky cable can seriously degrade performance.

Try commercially-made known-good cables between the server and one / some systems and montor those links for errors (try Ethereal on a PC to check for things like high re-transmission rates & such).

If you're telnetting to the switch, remember to do a TERM MON (terminal monitor) so that any errors that pop up are also being shown (like duplex mismatch, interface up/down etc).

Good Luck


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Re: Network Based Backup

Will do on the Cables...

As per the Term Mon command.

I am not very familure with this command but here is what I have done.

Logged into the switch (in enabled mode)

Did a term mon

Then looked at the logs, the interfaces, did a sho rum and sho conf, but really did not see any additional info...does this mean there is nothing else or do I misunderstand the usage of Term Mon?



Re: Network Based Backup

"Terminal Monitor" is a comman you'd use when you telnet into the router/switch (IOS-based)

When you plug into the console, any errors that happen are put up on the console screen (they're usually just annoying messages with things like "interface XX up/down, configured on console by XXX ... stuff like that.

Unless you do a "terminal monitor" (term mon) command, those instant pop-up messages do not appear on the VTY screen .... only the console.

So it doesn't add any information to the logs or other show / debug stuff, it just shows you the rea-time errors popping up on the console (like duplex mismatch, bad tags, etc)

Good Luck


Re: Network Based Backup

Its always a good practice to hard code the speed and duplex settings on both sides.

Helps allievating negotiation problems.


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