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Network Design Help

I would appreciate some assistance on a network design I'm trying to sort out. Attached are two JPG's annotating the before and after network.

We are a rural utility company that has ISP customers coming from our wireless backbone to the internet, which is pretty easy on the layer-2 side of the network.

Currently, as you see we have a layer-2 network which I'd like to replace with layer-3. I need all the decisions such as NAT, DHCP assignment, ACLs, etc., to be made locally on the routers instead of going across the wireless cloud. So I'm essentially getting rid of the layer-2 in the backbone, which is a horrible design.

My dilemma is with the need to have some of the private subnets make it back to the corporate network. I have to keep these resources on the private IP address side, and somehow tunnel the traffic across the Wireless cloud. I'd rather not do any VPN tunnels, although it's the only design I have right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mitch Johnson

Network Engineer

New Member

Re: Network Design Help

Hi Mitch,

I think the only clean option you have is to implement some kind of VPN

is the wireless backbone over a large area or in one campus ?

secondly are the terminating CPE's IPSec ready ? if so this would be a quick way of setting up a priate community across your public domain

New Member

Re: Network Design Help

Thanks for your reply. The wireless backbone is over a very large area. The CPEs will be Cisco 2821 Routers, the router at the main corporate office will be a 2821 with a VPN accelerator card in it. I also see it as the only possibility. I was hoping for something a little cleaner than having a bunch of VPN tunnels going across the wireless network. Thanks.

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