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Network Design

Dear Experts,

In our network we have 1 core switch (4506) and 15 access switches. 2 of the access switches are server switches (355012GB).

we have decided that there is need for resillience in the core segment of the network.

I have thought of two solutions. One, adding another 4506 and connect the switches to it. Second, Purchase another supervisor module and 18 gibic module and connet the switches to it. This way, we could have resilience wthout adding one more switch (that cost a lot :) ).

I think the second solution is better. It cost less and it's almost the same in the final result.

What is your opinion, am i right, are there any other soltutions?

Tzachi Slav


Re: Network Design

In my experience, Supervior and line card failures are very very rare. Most often it will be power problems that bring down a switch. If you must only have 1 core switch, in addition to 2 Supervisors, be sure that it has 2 power supplies operating in redundancy mode, with each supply connected to a separate and independant power source.

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Re: Network Design

Redundant supervisors in the 4500 series switches requires the 4507R or 4510R chassis. Even if your had one of those, I would counsel that a second single supervisor chassis is arguably more resilient than one dula supervisor chassis. The supervisor failover tkaes its own time and can sometimes not always work as intended.

Also, the percentage of network problems due to hardware failure is low compared to those introduced by configuration control and other human error type of factors. Putting your dependency on a single core switch increases the likelihood that such a problem could potentially cause a network wide outage as opposed to an environment in which one can introduce change to a secondary switch in a controlled fashion, confirm the intended results and then roll the change into the second core switch at a later time.

Regrding cost, a 4506 with 1000W AC power supply is about US$6000 list price. In either scenario, you would have to buy a new Supervisor (US$6-20K depending on model) and 18 port GBIC module (US$9995) and GBICs (US$500 each for SX GBICs). So the common components are the lion's share of the cost.

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