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Network for monitoring remote equipment using SNMP.


I have recently been tasked with designing and implimenting a network seperate of my companies public network specifically to monitor departmental equipment via SNMP. In the design of the first stage of this network, I will be using sixteen Cisco switches (some 3550 and 3750). These switches are connected to 183 devices. In my initial design, I planned to install another 3750 switch (48 port), which will be used as the management switch. I will create 48 VLANs on this switch, one for each port. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the design up to this point is OK. The problem is when it comes to the switches that are on other floors. We have switches from the ground floor to the 80th floor connected to our equipment. Fiber is already in place. It's connected to the remote switches' GBIC module slots. Is it possible to connect the other end of these fiber lines to a 10/100/1000 port with some sort of module/adapter, or do I have to install router of some sort? I assumed that I could use a 3750 switch as a management switch because it's a layer2/layer3 device. Any help would be greatly appeciated. Thanks!

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Re: Network for monitoring remote equipment using SNMP.

You can buy media converters to connect the fiber to a copper port and media converters are available in all three speeds.


Re: Network for monitoring remote equipment using SNMP.

Thanks, Mark. Do you have any recomendations on the vendor for the media converters? Does Cisco make them?

Re: Network for monitoring remote equipment using SNMP.


I dont think Cisco is actually into media converter products but i can suggest to check out Patton products which we have used up also a simple google search on this will help u out to get to know more on the product range from different well known vendors..


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