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Network layout for new building?

I need to come up with a network wiring plan for our new corporate headquarters. Does anybody know of a good guide for this? I am thinking about data port spacing or anything else I need to be aware of for a brand new building. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Network layout for new building?

Some of the best information comes from those who manufacture that kind of stuff. Hubble-Premise ( ) has a great site with all kinds of information, as does Panduit's Network Connectivity Group ( ). As for port spacing and such, both of these sites have online catalogs with very detailed information about the products, including physical specs.

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Re: Network layout for new building?

One thing you may want to try is to call in a couple contractors to bid the job, including making a proposal for wiring layout at the new building. You can take the best ideas from the proposals, modify them, and ask them to rebid the revised plan. This way, you get some expert eyes looking at it, and you get to tweak it up after they do the first part of the design.

Probably the best way to get the knowledge is to just see and be involved in a bunch of installations. You may even want to hire a network consultant to work with you to design the solution with you. Once you get started and working with someone who's does it for a living, you can see the logic and thought that goes into developing it. You can read alot, but it really comes together when you get into working with a specific situation.

Some of the most important things to consider are materials selection, drop locations (which you mentioned already), and growth, growth, growth! You might possibly look at a warranty from an installer who is certified from a networking vendor (for example Leviton or Ortronics), and commits to installing it to the networking vendor's specifications.

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Re: Network layout for new building?

Cable runs (length, flextray, etc...)


Speedpull vs. individual runs

Jack colors (grey and white for voice etc...)

Security wiring

fire rated walls (stub conduit)

floor cores (how big, central closet)

MDF/IDF (do you need a Intermediate Distribution Facility due to cable run lengths)


Voice systems

Wireless access points...

And above all, get a wiring contracter! make sure they can give you local references for similar sized jobs. If you don't know any, call your VARs that you buy equipment from....Especially cable vendors...

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Re: Network layout for new building?

Don't forget your data closet environmental, power, UPS, HVAC (BTU/hr), fire and such. Also plan out your cable tray system and path. Make sure airspace is plenum rated with conduit. Township low voltage permits are needed in some locations. If CAT 6 is your choice for future gig connectivity. Keep in mind that cat6 is thicker. Check to make sure poke through sizes (how many cables you can fit), false columns and furniture raceways will handle cat6 is used.

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Re: Network layout for new building?

Hi ,

My name is Abiodun Adetunji, and i think port spacing will be okay. But try and make it dual face plate (one for data and the other for voice. Try and make it to cater for redundant for the executives or even users i mean two dual face plates. Try and use Cat 5e for data and voice to make it swappable if need be or make the voice gigaspeed cable and the voice cat 5. or both i fu have money to spend. Terminate all on the patch panel and take the data to the switch or hub and the voice to the MDF.

Good luck.

U can mail me at or call 347-4230389 if u need help and u are within New York.

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Re: Network layout for new building?

Your best bet is to run a quad jack, 2 voice 2 data with a primary and a secondary port for each. This way you have redundancy and a possible jack for a printer in the future if need be. There are alot of items you have to look at for a building infrastructure, and i agree with the person who advised to look into higher a network consultant and a wiring consultant to help you out.

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Re: Network layout for new building?

You have a lot of great ideas here in the replies to your post... since I am a former low power contractor, this comes with a bit of a slant...

one of the first things i would do would be to contact my local city offices and check what fire req's are for my building... some cities have stiffer reg's than others and some have different reg's for multi-story vs single story...

so, with this info you should be able to tell which contractors are blowing smoke and which know what your needs are...

and finally visit some installations from your top contractors... you will get a great feel for the quality of their work AND you will get to talk with another end user that was in your shoes not to long ago... good luck!

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