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Network Management and planning

This is a very unique situation. I have a building with about 120 users on 3 floors. There are 7 wiring closets with 13 cisco 3550 switches. I have updated them all to c3550-i9q3l2-mz.121-20.EA1.

In this setting, I have 4 divisions and about 14 printers. Due to turnover and staff moves, the pc's that plug into said switches change on frequent basis. Is there a way to set the ip address of each port to determine the ip address of the machine so that a startup script can determine where the machine is plugged in and install the proper printers and set the default. I use ip address for ease. If this method is not possible, is there another method that I could use to allow the same results.

In other words, I don't want this to become a management nightmare. I would users to be able to move their machines, and the system, by use of a startup script, to determine where they are plugged in.

I thank you for any help in advance.

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Re: Network Management and planning

The best way I can see to do this is to use VLans. You can set up your DHCP server to serve out different subnet IP Addresses, and then set up your logon scripts to install the right printers based on the subnet (you'll probably have to use WMI scripting for this).

Then, you just set up the port to be in a certain VLan. Whatever PC is connected to that port, will receive that VLan's subnet from the DHCP server. There's still some administration to this scenario, since you'll still have to change the VLan on each port, but I think it might be closer to what you are wanting.

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