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Network management tool selection matter

Hi, I am currently working on a really huge service configuration to a big enterprise that requieres a (set of) tool(s) that can do the next:

*Monitor the availability of the connectivity infrastructure, that talks about the percentage of time in which the all elements of the local network stay operative.

*To measure the transit of the information through the infrastructure of the local network.

*To provide in real time through a system based on HTTP protocol, the alarms of the existing events in the operation of the local networks and services.

*To provide simulations for the Capacity Planning in cases of modification of amount of users, applications, volumes and flows of information.

*To provide reports with change and configuration management in the infrastructure.

*Generation of statistical reports of the behavior of networks LAN in all the nodes of all the buildings.

I am asking this because I have already looked trough the list of Network Management applications on the site, but there seems not to be a focused solution, instead there is a set of solutions that apparently work withint the same area jurisdiction, just like the Cisco Info Center and Cisco Works, or Cisco Network Modeling Tool with Netsys Service Management or Netsys with Cisco Works, I would like to know which set of tools would be the proper one for this implementation,

Thank you very much for your help


Re: Network management tool selection matter

CW2000 can be looked for this. Secondly, Netsys is End of Life, you need to look at it's alternate solution if you're interested:

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Re: Network management tool selection matter

You could try JFFNMS an OpenSource Network management system, which includes Bandwidth monitoring and interface autodiscovery and is focused on Cisco Equipment. It has not all the features you need but can be extended.

It runs on Windows also (prefered is Unix).

You can get reports on the dates you specify, with RTT, PL, Input Rate, Input Packets, Drops, Availability, etc.

The URL is

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Re: Network management tool selection matter

Check out performance monitor and SLA data reports. For more information contact

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