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Network Monitoring software : CW2000+DFM or CWW6.1 ?


We are looking for a network monitoring software for alarm reporting, link monitoring, device polling, …

Most of our LAN/WAN network is made of CISCO switches and routers:

- 1 central site : 2xCatalyst4000, 3xCatalyst3550, 2xR3640

- 11 remote sites : R2600, Cat2900

We already have a CISCOWORKS2000 server, only with CISCOVIEW installed for remote configurations of equipment via GUI.

Is it a good idea to keep this CW server and add other modules (like DFM), or should we set up a new server with CWW 6.1 which includes CISCOVIEW and What’s Up Gold - which would do the job for a network of this size I think – .

Thanks for your answer.


BTW, what are the main differences between CiscoWorks, Common Services 2.2, CiscoWorks Common Services, and CD-One 5th Edition.

I can’t find a clear answer on the cisco website.

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Re: Network Monitoring software : CW2000+DFM or CWW6.1 ?


If you are after alarm reporting and device polling, then you will need an SNMP based polling engine. CiscoWorks LMS does not have one of these and suggests integration with a 3rd party product such as HP Openview - this is obviously a far more costly option.

Personally for you size of network I would suggest either CWW6.1 or better still CWSNMS (Ciscoworks Small Networks Management Solution) which gives you the RME component of CWLMS (config backups, device inventories, software image distribution etc) for up to 40 devices, CiscoView and the Whats Up Gold Polling Engine for alarm/trap management and device availability.

See link:

CiscoWorks Common Services is the latest release of CD One v5 and provides the common platform for other Ciscoworks applications to link into.


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Re: Network Monitoring software : CW2000+DFM or CWW6.1 ?


Thank you very much for your answers to my questions - it helps a lot.

I'll go for CWW6.1 because of its low price. WUP Gold will suit our needs, it's pretty easy to use/configure and does not requires a big machine (compare to CW2000...).

Thanks again,


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