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Network Position

What is the different between NOC Engineer and Network Engineer and which is higher position?

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A NOC Engineer is usually a

A NOC Engineer is usually a network engineer who works in a NOC.  Where you work has little relevance to how high your position is.

It's like asking if a person is more important drinking from a white or black coffee cup.

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While I don't disagree with

While I don't disagree with Philip regarding importance, in the US a NOC engineer is typically a bit lesser paid for several reasons:

- They don't have quite as many educational requirements.

- They are typically in a position of more limited autonomy.

- They may be working within constraints of a playbook of standard procedures.

- They are often working shift hours that are considered less desirable to some people. 

Of course there are exceptions to every one of those I've listed; but that's my first-hand observation. 

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To muddy the waters further,

To muddy the waters further, within some large organizations, there may be network engineer "grades", which might be numbered and/or named.  E.g. Network engineer I, Network engineer III, Associate network engineer, Lead network engineer, etc.

In theory, those at the same "grade" are "equal" regardless of their job position.  Those with higher "grades" are also "higher" positions.

In such large organizations, you might also find more lower "grade" network engineers working in NOC positions.

In practice, the job position may "slant" the "grades", at least in prestige or what the job actually requires.  For example, an Engineer 4, Network Engineering, Information Technology might be, in practice, be treated like an Engineer 3, Network Engineering (Architecture and Design).

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In my opinion, NOC is more

In my opinion, NOC is more related to Network monitoring than Network design and implementation.

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