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Network Routing

I have 2 networks attached to a VLAN e.g. and On each workstation I have a default gateway to which is also a firewall. I usually have to enter a static route on this workstations to get to the 10.22 network and other network and this is becoming laborious. I would really like to do this on the router once and for all. But when I enter

- ip route ( HSRP on the VLAN ) - it says this is this router address.

Please how do i route traffic for the workstation going to the 10.22 and other network on the router. Will i have to use access - list. And if i do, is the following correct

access-list 10 permit 0.0.0255

access-list 10 permit

and apply it as

access-group 10 in or out on the VLAN interface?

This is so that when users request for a 10.22 network address, they get sent to the router and not trying to go out via the address

Your help is highly appreciated.

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Re: Network Routing

I'm a little put off the track with the HSRP on the VLAN thing, but in any case, for the VLANs to speak to eachother, you have to route between them. One way is to use 'sub-interfaces' on your router. See , and .

This is initially a high learning curve in the beginning but once set-up makes perfect sense. READ READ READ. How a VLAN packet is encapsulated is most important.

Once you have the VLAN routing working, then you can play with Access-lists.

Have fun!

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