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Network Segmentation - Clarification Reqd


We have a single network in our office. We plan to have 40 - 60 netwokrs in one place & we have 10 Br.offices in our company each network will have 126 hosts

Existing setup:

Router 3640

L3 Switch: 6509 in one bulding and other building is 6009. Both the switches are connected through fiber

and all the edge switch's are 4006 & 2000 Series


1. How to do the segmentation ?

2. Will L3 / L2 Switches handle 60 VLAN's ?

3. All IP Address are DHCP !!

How to configure using single DHCP Server

with 60 Vlan's ? That is all the 60 Segments are work with single DHCP Server.

4. PC's sharing should be done through Network adminstrator using access codes. User's should not be able to share any of the computers / Desktop's

5. All servers are in one segment with static address

5. Desktop's are in different , different VLAN's. All the desktop's should talk to server only. Servers can be sharable & ICMP is to be enabled for only servers & not for local segment PC's.

Can some one tell me how to do the segmentation?

How to configure L3 Switch / router ?

How to configure DHCP in the switch ?

Access permissions for the PC's through ACL ?




Re: Network Segmentation - Clarification Reqd

To answer some of your questions,

1. You can have L3/L2 switches with 60 Vlans.

2. You can use a single DHCP server for all the vlans, by definning scopes. the L3 device that interconnects the VLANs need to be configured to forward broadcasts and relay DHCP requests to the server by using the helper-address command.

3. If the servers and PCs are in different VLANs, they can talk to each other through a L3 device and this can be controlled using Access-lists on the LE device.

Here are some URLS, that will be of help :

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