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network topologies

Can some one help me and tell me when it is best t use different topologies.

And does the use of the network effect the topology e.g. if the network is used for databases can this effect witch topology that should be used etc.

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Re: network topologies


with different topologies you mean things like Ethernet and Token Ring ? What are you trying to build/achieve ?



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Re: network topologies

i am creating a rule based program for creating local area networks. Part of the prgram i am stucj on is what topology to use eg bus, ring, star.i need infirmation on when it is best to use the diffrent topologies so i can get the rules to work.


Re: network topologies

Ethernet is by far the most popular LAN technology in-use today.

Ethernet delivered over UTP (Cat 5, 5e, 6) is by far the most popular distribution medium, with wireless being a genuine up-and-comer.

When using UTP you are, for all intents and purposes, locked into a star topology (all units as a "spoke" back to a central hub (switch).

Your only real variables in that scenario are "How much bandwidth do the clients NEED, how much bandwidth are we going to give 'em, and (if it's a resource, like a server) what is the likely aggregate concurrent bandwidth and load will be likely on this resource."

The bandwidth needs will vary by application suite and type.

Figure out your current traffic flows, try to get some indication of the strategic direction of the place to figure out your future needs, filter that through the budget, and you have a good starting place.

Next you have to figure in the level of support necessary, service contracts (software upgrades, hardware replacements, etc.), personnel available for support, personnel need on contract out, and all the other "soft" numbers.

While it wouldn't appear to be part of a basic network layout, the choice of equipment, even within one vendor, can vary depending on the staff and service contracts needed to properly support the LAN.

The budget filter is critical ... if the customer is looking to do something that the budget absolutely won't support, they really need to know that up-front in order to satisfy the expectations of the customer. Either they get a budget, or they push the project back until they do have proper funding.

Desgining a LAN / WAN / MAN , etc is more than just connecting the dots and deciding how thick to draw the lines.

Good Luck


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