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network within a network

I am running a 192.168.1.x network through a linksys cable/dsl router within a 204.148.232.x network. I am using one 204 address to get to my 192 subnet. The internet connection is going through a cisco 2500 router. When I hook up the linksys to the network on the WAN side (204 network side) no problem, but when I plug up the 192 network I cause the 204 network problems. One is no Internet access, the other is a bouncing a server and the linksys responds and doesn't respond about once a minute. Could there be a routing config issue on the Cisco router that could cause the linksys to cause network problems? Could one possible solution be to setup a subinterface on the cisco and take the linksys out of the mix, making the ethernet interface having a 204 network and a 192 network and get out to the internet? I don't care if the 204 and 192 networks talk to each other, I just want access to the internet. The reason behind the 2 different networks if b/c the 204 network is out of addresses and is flat network. I need to make this work together. I have done this in other situations with no problems,but this is a first. Can anyone help or sugguest the best way to address this issue? Thanks in advance...

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Re: network within a network

You're using PAT, apparently, on the 2500. The 2500 has two interfaces, e0 and e1. E0 is the 192.168.1.x network and E1 is the 204.148.232.x network. You're using a single 204 address for all the 192 addresses (PAT). This address is not being used for anything else on the 204 network. The only way to get from the 192 network to the 204 network is through the 2500. The only way to get to the internet is through the LinkSys.

Do I have all that right?

What routing protocol are you using on the LinkSys and the 2500? Are you sure that the 2500 doesn't have any IP address conflicts on the 204 network? How have you set your default route on the 2500? How have you set your default route on your workstations/servers? When the linksys stops repsonding, have you hooked up a sniffer to determine if its *trying* to respond?

You *can* do sub-ifs on a 2500 if you change the frame (encap) type, but I don't suggest it.


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