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new 1605

I have a 1605 which was provisioned through an ISP, but at the end of the lease will be mine. I need some assistance on the best way to clear the router and then set it up for our use. It will be connected to a point to point T1 from AT&T (from us to them as our isp). I will be doing my NAT on my firewall. Where can I get simple instructions as to how to set my router up to route all traffic in and out.

I would also be interested in knowing if it is better to do the NAT at the router vs firewall - firewall is Checkpoint on an IBM w 2 @ 750 PIII and 512 ram.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Re: new 1605

You clear the existong config by issuing a 'write erase' from enable mode and then reloading the router. This will put you in the initial configuration dialog which will prompt you to enter a simple configuration. Once you have entered this, you need to save it with a 'write memory' command.

If you need to find out what the existing enable password is, check the following url -

The simplest way to route all traffic is to put in a defailt static route to your ISP such as

ip route serial0

Your ISP will need to have a static route pointing to your lan.

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Re: new 1605

Regarding the NAT portion of your question, leave that to your firewall. Especially when comparing a 16xx series router to a Checkpoint firewall. Let the router route and the firewall firewall, I say.

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