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new circuit/new dlci

we are upgrading a circuit at a site from 64k>t1...

hope to use same 2524 router and replace 64k interface with spare t1

all other sites have t1s connected to 2524s on a private network that talk frame to a 2600

question: the new, upgraded circuit will not have the same dlci address as the 64k circuit it is replacing. would it be easier to have the telco assign the old dlci to the new circuit?

if not, do i need to edit the config on the 2600 to reflect the new dlci? will i need to make other config changes here to the 2600 as it will now be talking to a t1 at that site?



Re: new circuit/new dlci

Assigning the same DLCI as the 64k circuit, which is going to be out of provisioning soon, depends on what you request them to do. You can request them to cancel the previos 64k stuff, but assign the same DLCI numbering to the T1. If they cannot assign the same DLCI numbering due to some reason, you will have to change both router configurations that is the 2524, and the 2600 for the new PVC. Adding one more pvc (a T1) should be considered, after how much CPU resources are being currently utilised on your 2600, because, from what you say, you do have a lot of T1 pvcs terminating at the 2600. You might want to consider the current perfomance statistics on your 2600 and then decide to add a T1.

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Re: new circuit/new dlci

many thanks. no reason i can see for the telco not to assign the old dlci to the new pvc... assuming that is true, then all i gotta do is configure the router for t1 and bing bang boom?

Re: new circuit/new dlci

Yep thats right,

You can replicate the configs of the other 2524s in service, to this 2524, except

for the ip address and dlci number statements.

Hopefully you have traffic shaping configured on your network, as lot of T1s are talking to a single t1 at the 2600.

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