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newbee poor Performance on Cat6509 with 6348

I experience Problems with our Cat 6509. CPU Peak is 4 % so the Switch has nothing to do on its backplane. 2HP PC´s Connected to the 6348 Module in Slot 5 ( port 9 and 10) can only transfer from 800K to 5 MB per Second. messured with NetIO. Connecting both PC to a 3548 XL or 3 Com Switch enbles me to transfer at 11MB per sec. This the technical Max for 100 Mbit i belive. and is O.K Ports seem to be correct configured, because of the error counters.

Any Ideas how to find bottleneck ?

Thanks Reiner


Re: newbee poor Performance on Cat6509 with 6348

There are many things to consider when using any tcp app for determinig throughput. Things such as TCP window sizes, acks and other settings come into play. Especially the TCP window sizes. These will all affect data transfer rates. File tranfers and most other forms of TCP communication are poor tools for determining performance of the hardware.

There are some free tools out there for determining optimum tcp window sizes and other values.

My guess would be that for file transfer between pc's on the same switch, you could set the tcp window sizes to their max and be fine, but you should do due diligence and research.

I have often had to adjust TCP settings to get max throughput for data replication apps. I am sure there are lots of documents out there concerning the topic.

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