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Newbie question

I'm currently implementing a remote network management system for the radio equipment product that we sold to one of our customers and it involves the use of Cisco routers 2600 & 3600. I'm a newbie in Cisco products (just studied the IOS commands for 3 days). Each of the remote radio equipment will be connected to a 2600 router (we have 4 sites each with 4 radio equipment). The 2600 routers are in turn connected to a 3600 router via 2 Mbit/s leased line. The equipment are managed from the 3600 router. I use TCP/IP protocol.

My problem is not all equipment can be managed at the same time. When i try a ping command via the hyperterminal, the success rate for each equipment varies (worst than that, there are some equipment whose success rate falls down to 0%). I dunno what to do and I have a deadline May 16, 2001. I would like to ask anyone to help me on what will be the best configuration for the network that I'm trying to implement. Can I use a bridge instead of a router? How? Thanks

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Re: Newbie question

the problem that u have mentioned is quite common. The primary problem can be that of your links fluctuating.when links fluctuate such observsations are please check your link status.

that could be one possible more reason could be the heavy ntraffic in those links.

check that up.



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Re: Newbie question

If the problem is indeed heavy traffic, try the queue-list and priority-list.

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