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Newbie Routing questions, with 2600

I've got a 2600, three ports. They're set up as,, All have the subnet mask of

Routing itself seems to work fine. I can ping subnets across the router. I have a domain sitting on the segment. I'm trying to get computers on the same domain on the other subnets. Unfortunatly, I can't seem to get it to actually find the domain. I saw that I needed to get a domain controler on the other subnets. Unfortunatly, I can't get that controler to find the others... plus, I put a packet sniffer on the subnet, and I see no broadcasts or requests for anything coming out of the subnet.. which is the subnet I'm trying to get computers on.

So... any suggestions? Do I need to set up a static route, or something? I'm at a total loss.

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Re: Newbie Routing questions, with 2600

Make sure that you have the domain in your hosts' LMHOSTS file along with an entry for your PDC and/or BDC or make sure that you have WINS running and accessable.

You can try using IP HELPER on your ethernet interfaces to forward your NETBIOS broadcasts.


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Re: Newbie Routing questions, with 2600

Uh oh. WINS? I was told that was a *bad thing* to be using these days, so I've disconnected it.

Forgetting the idea of a workgroup... is there a way to do this with DNS and the domain? I'm running Win2000, if this helps any.

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Re: Newbie Routing questions, with 2600

We just went through alot this past year with WINS, IP subnets and routing. Windows browsing is a collossal headache in my view. The bottom line is that you can get Windows browsing, Windows domains and any other common Windows service working without having to do any commands on the router. In the meantime, in order to use Microsoft networking across routers (at least with a mix of Win9x, WinNT mixed with anything newer), you're pretty much stuck with WINS. If you are in a pure Win2000 or newer environment, you may be in a better situation. Microsoft has some good docs on Windows Browsing / WINS issues. This is where you can go for all your needs.

By the way, we intentionally wanted to avoid using IP HELPER-ADDRESS and other forwarding commands to patch up Windows Browsing. The only thing we use IP HELPER-ADDRESS for is DHCP service. Also, while putting a BDC/PDC on each subnet would work, you don't need to. One thing to watch is to make sure ALL workstations are using WINS, and no one is trying to be a "Master Browser". That's probably the biggest pain right there!

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