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NFS files in a 6509 core

We are trying to download files from a Sun machine from a HP server. Anything above a 4K file fails using NFS. It is only when we use the NFS that this fails. We have 6.3(3) on the 6000 switches and 12.1 on the rtrs. Any thoughts as to why we are having a failure with the larger NFS files?


Re: NFS files in a 6509 core

It is not likely that the issue is with the network.

Besides, there is too little info to pinpoint the problem.

Are you using NFS over TCP or via UDP?

Possible causes:

Differences in software implementation on the hosts

TCP window size negotiation failing

File system issues on the hosts

Community Member

Re: NFS files in a 6509 core

This is NFS using UDP and all was working fine until we upgraded code to 6.3(7). I can find no known bugs and I can also get these files using ftp. In the Sniffer trace I see the UDP trafffic start and then we see nothing but non responsive system messages from the HP server. I have a TAC case opened and will take any suggestions.

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