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nGenius RTM 1.4 Database problems

Has anyone else had any problems with there database getting corrupted. Our database gets hosed about every two weeks. I then have to reinitialize a new database losing all my settings and past data. This problem is on going for over a year and it's getting frustrating. I have all the lastest service packs installed for RTM. It's on a dedicated Windows 2k box and it only monitors 4 devices. I don't know what to do, if anyone has any ideas or has had a simliar problem I'd love to hear from you.


Re: nGenius RTM 1.4 Database problems

What exactly happens with the db?. Have you done CCO Bug Toolkit search to see if anything close shows up?

New Member

Re: nGenius RTM 1.4 Database problems

I'm unable to display historical stats in Link usage view. Sometimes for all devices but most of the time just my 6509s. Or I can only go back for two days if I go back any further it displays nothing. And the kicker is if I shutdown the services and restart them I will not be able to get back in. The error is "Make sure that nGenius services are running". Of course if I dump my old DB and create a new DB it lets me in. I have check ed bugs, I have had at least 3 TAC cases open and the fix is always just initalize a new database.

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