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I am trying to access the nGenius server on my box. I installed it as part of the CiscoWorks 2000 bundle as per the instructions. In reading the documentation in the release notes it says to install on a seperate box although the initial installation notes says nothing about a seperate box.

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Re: nGenius

NetScout recomends a separate box for performances issues. I have it running in the same machine as CiscoWorks.

If you installed it, you can access it in port 8080 of your CiscoWorks machine.

You should however consider using a dedicated disk to the nGenius database (depending on what type(s) of links your going to monitor).

If you are using nGenius 1.4, don't forget to install service pack 4, or it will kill

the apache(s) server of CiscoWorks.

Best regards.

Marco Teixeira

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Re: nGenius

Service pack 4 of what? where do you get it is it microsoft or cisco. I can't get the NSApache server to start.

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Re: nGenius

Ngenius is a very heavy application. We're running Ngenius on a Sun Fire V880 6*900 mhz and 40 GB of RAM. It has to do that we are doing "daily based reports" and Ngenius monitors about 14 NAM modules and 168 Switches (RMON). Thats for the Ngenius Performance.

It's known, that when you install Ngenius with the ciscoworks bundle , it can conflict with DFM (Device Fault Manager). DFM uses port 162 to receive traps. In some cases Ngenius does too. You can edit the /opt/Ngenius/1.3.0/bin/ file. The text servermonitor.portno=395 or another port what you want.


Re: nGenius

RTM docs just say not to install it on the same server with Traffic Director but it's recommended to install RTM on a separate server of it's own. It'll save you from lot of headache.

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