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NLB on 2 different switch running HSRP


we have implemented NLB on the SGI Server running IRIX OS, it works fine. the connectivity is 2 NIC connected on 3750-1(ruuning HSRP),now if i connect 1 of NIC in to the other switch 3750-2(running HSRP) will the NLB workz & will i get the 2Gbps throughput, according to me, i don't think so.


Re: NLB on 2 different switch running HSRP

Think, it should work, check out the following explanation to avoid single point of failure :

Create a subnet that spans two switches and home half of the NLB cluster to each switch. The objective is typically to create a LAN with no single points of failure. To this end you will also need two router uplinks and have one switch uplink to one router. You also need to run a redundant routing protocol such as HSRP for failover of the router links. Finally you will need two cross-over links between the switches (otherwise the cross-over cable is a single point of failure). Each switch has two paths off the network: one via the router it is linked to (which is used by default) and one through the other switch. In this configuration, the loss of a router (or link to a router) causes the affected switch to use the cross link to ship its traffic off the LAN. The loss of a switch cuts the cluster capacity in half.

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