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NM-30DM module self test

Hello to All

I have a cisco 3620 router equipped with 1FE2CE1-B/U PRI module and 1NM-30DM integrated mica digital modem module.

I want to perform a back to back test on all the modems, but since the cisco IOS'S Test modem back-to-back command is not supported on 3600 platform I am unable to complete the testing of modem.

Is there any other test or procedure that can be performed to check the self test (operational state) of all the modems.

I Require the above alternative to monitor the modem operational state from time to time.

Kindly Advice.


Re: NM-30DM module self test

Although a bit time consuming, but you could try reverse-telnetting into each modem and then do a manual dialout to your own PRI number so that the call comes back in and connect to another MICA modem on the same card.


Cisco Employee

Re: NM-30DM module self test

Performing back-to-back test on 3600 is not a straight forward..You can use the reverse telnet to a modem and dial the same pri number so that call will comeback on the same pri and terminate on a another modem...

But not sure what that back-to-back test will buy for you..If you are just looking to moniter the operational status of the modems then "sh modem" command will inform you everything..Otherwise modems are being monitered by ios all the time and the status will be reported using "sh modem".

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