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NM-4BRI-U Interface Pooling for DDR

I have a 3640 router that supports multiple frame relay PVC's on multiple T1's. This router also has the NM-4BRI-U interface cards. This is a hub/spoke topology.

I would like help on configuring the NM-4BRI-U interfaces to field the calls to a single number if possible. As it stands today, if I loose let's say 2 PVC's, the first one to call will get connected while leaving the other one in a disconnect (can't connect) state. Current config works fine if I loose one PVC but not with multiple PVC's as the remotes are all configured with the same number to call. I would like to use all 4 BRI interfaces in a (rotary) pool. Each T1 has 4 to 5 PVC's so the NM-4BRI-U should be able to support the 4 PVC circuit per se.

The remotes use the 26xx series.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


Re: NM-4BRI-U Interface Pooling for DDR

You need to make sure that the phone company providing the BRIs has them all in the same rotary group. Since a call can not connect when another call is up, it sounds like they are not currently in a rotary group.

Good luck.


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