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non-cisco isdn router dial-out into cisco?

On the cisco rotuer ,I see messages like this "recovery on timer expiry",meanwhile link lasts for ten seconds then get down.

How can I do with it?

When this non-cisco router dial into cisco rotuer of different places by dialing a different isdn line number,it work fine.

What can I do with it?

Thank you.

New Member

Re: non-cisco isdn router dial-out into cisco?

"Recovery on timer expiry" is an ISDN error indicating that a timer has expired according to error handling procedures. The DEBUG ISDN Q931 output will give you more information regarding what's happening when this call is trying to establish from endpoint to endpoint.

As for not being able to call multiple places, that should all be determined by how the router is configured. DEBUG PPP NEGOTIATION should help to see if you're failing authentication or something simple. Again, more details would help give a better answer.

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Re: non-cisco isdn router dial-out into cisco?

I agree. To add to that, it sounds like there may possibly be a problem inside of the telco network between you two. If the calling router can call other places fine, then we could assume that it's local loop and the switch it is connected to are ok. I would call the telco located near the calling router and see if they can watch the call flow to determine who is causing the disconnect, there might not be a proper data "route" between you two. You could also try changing the number you dial to something like "10102221(AC)NUMBER" to re-route the call. I am not blamingyour telco, but sometimes it is hard to get the right help with them unless you are persistent and you know exactly what is going on, super offense style.

Like Rollin said, we need to see debugs/traces to be able to help better. Since your calling router isn't a cisco box it is hard to be confident that it has the debug capability that our boxes have, maybe you could find a space IOS isdn box that you could take out there just for troubleshooting.

You can, however, from the called router grab this for us:

config t

service timestamp debug datetime msec


sh ver | inc IOS

debug isdn q931

debug isdn event

debug ppp negotiation

term mon

Then make a call in, and look at your 'sh start' to see if I messed up your service timestamp config, if not leave it there for future troubleshooting :)

If the call makes it to us, which I could assume...because you said it stays up for ten seconds...we should see something useful, unless logging is turned off or broken by having "loggin sync" configured under your "line con 0"....

You may want to open a TAC case or email with debugs/logs and any other information you can provide and I'll take a look(I'm not on any netpro mailing lists yet).


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