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noob in home setup

I want to set up a 2524 at home on I have a hi speed conn at about 3 meg/s. How do I know what protocol to use , and can i add the ip addy of the hop i see as cox as the gateway?


Re: noob in home setup

By "what protocol to use" I assume you mean which routing protocol. Cox probably won't run a routing protocol with you.

You will need to configure the ethernet interface that you have going towards the cable modem as a DHCP client. Use the interface configuration command "ip address dhcp" for this. In my experience with Cox, I couldn't get the network to assign an address until I assigned the name of the computer that had been connected to the cable modem to the router. If you previously had a computer on this connection, use the command "ip address dhcp hostname (hostname)" instead of the command above.

As for the default gateway, Cox will send that along with the address assignment, but I have looked through Cisco's documentation for a while and I have not found anything about this default gateway being added to the routing table. After setting this up, you can check the routing table of the router by entering the command "show ip route" and see if the Cox-assigned default gateway is the default route in the table.

Also, if you currently have a computer on this cable modem, have it release it's IP address, power down the cable modem, connect the router to the cable modem, and power up the cable modem. After this, your router should receive an address from the network.

Good luck.


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