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Not able to access one IP daily


At our one location from IP  we are trying to access IP in morning , I M not able to access.

The tracroute is reaches up to my router IP, then it shows Request time out...continously...

After Router my firewall is there & after Firewall Cisco ASA the Coreswitch C3750 is there..

Hence to resolve this issue I m try to access (I.E. ping or tracroute) the IP, at this time the tracroute gets completed & Also we are able to complete the tracroute from IP also.

This procedure I need to do every day to get the connectivity between IP & IP.

Kindly provide the permanant solution on this issue.


Re: Not able to access one IP daily

Check to make sure that subnet masks and gateway addresses are configured properly on both machines.

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Re: Not able to access one IP daily

Actually  is my Laptop IP at remote location & is my server IP at DC.

Connectivity at DC is, Laptop -----TATA cloud------  DC-Router -------Then F/W Cisco ASA----- then Core-switch ------ then server

Daily I am not able to access  IP when I m trying to access from IP ,It will reach upto my

DC-Router only.... then I tried from  IP then I m able to reach  IP & then the connectivity gets established...

I think it is mac issue on core switch..  Mac entry may gets deleted after some duration & when I tried from  IP mac entry will be recorded on core switch & connectivity gets established...I need enter  IP mac addree stastically on core switch ???

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