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Not able to get nssa routes into routing table

Hi all,

I am having the following need:

Consider there three routers


Area1 is nsssa.

In R3, I have the following configs:

router ospf 100

redistribute static

area 1 nssa

network area 1

ip route 150.x.1.0/24 250

ip route 160.x.1.0/24 250

where is R2's address .

I redistributed static routes into ospf (changed to metric of static routes so that nssa routes can get preferrence), in 'sh ip ospf database', I can see the nsa routes:

Type-7 AS External Link States (Area

Link ID ADV Router Age Seq# Checksum Tag 1713 0x80000003 0x2AB0 0 1713 0x80000003 0xA729 0

But , in 'show ip route' , I can see only static routes

S [250/0] via, 00:29:59, Gi0/0/3 is subnetted, 1 subnets

S [250/0] via, 00:29:59, Gi0/0/3

Kindly, can some one explain on it. Isn't it possible to get nssa routes in the routing table ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Not able to get nssa routes into routing table

The ospf routes cannot replace the static routes they were created from on the redistributing router (R3). You should see the two routes being installed on R2 though, assuming there are not known via another routing protocol with a lower admin distance.

Hope this helps,

Harold Ritter
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Re: Not able to get nssa routes into routing table


I note that the static routes in the original post are configured as floating static routes with a high administrative distance. It is not clear why they are floating static routes but I suspect that it may have been an attempt to give them an administrative distance higher than OSPF so that the OSPF version of the routes would show up in the routing table. However when routes are redistributed they will not show up in the routing table as ospf routes but will show up as the originating protocol (in this case static).

And Harold is correct that if you want to know whether the redistribution is working you need to look in the routing table of R2.



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