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Not getting reliable Novell broadcast through switch trunk port

I have upgraded my switch network to include 2948GE, 3750 and 3550 switch.

I have a Novell network, since I switch the users to the new switches which need to go over trunked port to reach the Novell server, I'm experiencing some of the workstation not to be able to see the novell tree. Is there any special configuratio that I need to setup in the CAT 2948 or other switches.

Regards Yves

Cisco Employee

Re: Not getting reliable Novell broadcast through switch trunk p

Make sure you enable portfast on the ports connecting directly to workstations. In CAT OS, you can use the macro "set port host x/y" and in IOS, you can configure "switchport host" under the interfaces in question.

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Re: Not getting reliable Novell broadcast through switch trunk p

If the workstation and server are in the same VLAN the workstations, in Novell 5.x and above, use multicast to locate SLP directory agents. If the workstations are in a different VLAN than the server you will need to configure the workstation client with the IP address or DNS name of the server running the SLP directory agent service, alternately deliver the information from the DHCP server with options 78 and 79 set appropriately. Another method is to enable IP multicast routing to forward the workstation SLP requests to the Novell server running the SLP Directory agent service but this is the least preferred method.

Or the VLAN itself isn't crossing the trunk which is a totally different matter. the commands "Show vtp status" and "show switchport trunk" may yield some clues to follow when comparing the switches to their connected neighbors.



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