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Not seeing Debug Information

I am telneting into a 3620 router and have put in the terminal monitor command, but I am not seeing the debug information. Is there something I am missing. If I turn on logging and issue a show logging command I see the information. How do I get this debug information to appear at my terminal?

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Re: Not seeing Debug Information

Use the command "terminal monitor" in EXEC mode to send logging and debug information to your current vty session.

Hope it helps!


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Re: Not seeing Debug Information

It is very hard to find the informations when it is running on your console especially if you have multiple debug running, you may need to raise your buffer size to handle the log if you have the command 'service timestamp log'. Another tip is set your hyper terminal to capture the text or if you are telneting, just let it go and copy it to a text file then review it.

Make sure the you type the 'u all' command first before the debug command so that you just hit the arrow up key twice when you want to stop the debug when it running.

I hope this helps you,


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