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NTP configuration

Hi all,

I have some routers and a lot of switches that I configured the time and date manually. Now I have configured an NTP Server and want to configure all my routers and switches to synchronize to this NTP Server.

The question is: should I remove the time, date, zone, clock summer-time reccuring, etc., that was configured manually?

I think the best idea is to remove all time settings that was set mannualy, before configuring the router for NTP server.


Re: NTP configuration

Time zone and summer/winter time can still be put to use. It depends whether the ntp server is using the same timezone as your network. If not, the local settings can be used to calculate the correct offset.

Example: ntp server sends time in GMT. Nodes are in timezone GMT+1 and use the summertime. You will need to configure this on your nodes.

The time itself will be overruled automatically by the ntp-update if the diff is small enough. A reboot may be required otherwise.



Community Member

Re: NTP configuration

My NTP Server uses the same time zone. So I do not need the manually configured offset and time zone.

Re: NTP configuration

That's right.

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