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NTP is unsynchronized

I´ve issued the "ntp server X.X.X.X" command on some switches and I observed that the "ntp clock-period" parameter has not been installed automatically on some of them and the ntp status shows "Clock is unsynchronized". All the switches has the same IOS version.

Does anyone knows what can be causing this issue?

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Re: NTP is unsynchronized

Did you specify your timezone?

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Re: NTP is unsynchronized

Yes! I've specified the correct timezone but the NTP status is still "unsynchronized"...

Re: NTP is unsynchronized

Some commands that might help you a bit would be:

sh ntp status

sh ntp associations

and possibly

debug ntp events

Have you verified that the NTP server is up and functioning? I know there were quite a few problems with Unix based NTP servers awhile ago.

If that doesn't help, please include output of above commands with your reply...

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Re: NTP is unsynchronized

here's a test you can try. On an available router, issue (if your folks let you) the command "ntp master 1" to make it a stratum 1 clock. On the switch, point it's ntp to this stratum 1 clock. Remember - previously existing ntp settings _are not_ removed when you issue new commands, you have to manually "no" those.

If the switch syncs, the problem is elsewhere, or the ntp clock you specified earlier isn't responding or a firewall/proxy is blocking ntp. Remember to clean up and remove the stratum 1 clock when your testing is done.


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