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NTP on the Cisco 2600 series routers


I am trying to setup ntp on my 2611 ansd 2621 Cisco routers and so far on one of the routers I have ointed it to the nTP server that I want i.e. it seems that it working but the show clock smd output show the clock for 1999 and a wrong time and time-zone.

can someone please show me the steps by which I need to configure ntp on these routers?

I couldn't find any papers on the Cisco sute to show how to do this.



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Re: NTP on the Cisco 2600 series routers

It should be as easy as this...

ntp clock-period 17180483

ntp server x.x.x.x

Have you verified that you can in fact access the ntp server at the ACL's/firewalls in the way? You could also debug ntp to see what's going on.

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Re: NTP on the Cisco 2600 series routers

If the clock is showing 1999 then certainly the router is not learning the correct time via NTP. Either the NTP machine it is talking to has the wrong time (certainly not likely if it is leaning from the NTP server) or the router is not talking to the configured server (seems much more likely here). Either the command show ntp status or the command show ntp association would show whether the router was synced to the NTP server.

But correcting the issue with access to the NTP server will not fix the issue if the router is displaying the wrong time zone (unless the time zone displayed is UTC or GMT). NTP transmits time in UTC/GMT and it is up to the router to specify the timezone. Use the configuration global command clock timezone (and possible clock summer-time) to set the time zone on the router.



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Re: NTP on the Cisco 2600 series routers

Can you post the output from:

show ntp association detail

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