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NTP server info: Urgent!!!!


I would like to know how the time is distributed between the network if i configure cisco nexus 5548 switch as ntp server. ??? And also i want detailed information or notes with example..(FYI, I'm starter :-)  )

Can anyone help????



NTP server info: Urgent!!!!

pulled this from an NX-OS doc:

Before synchronizing, NTP compares the time reported by several network  devices and does not synchronize with one that is significantly  different, even if it is a stratum 1. Because Cisco NX-OS cannot connect  to a radio or atomic clock and act as a stratum 1 server, we recommend  that you use the public NTP servers available on the Internet. If the  network is isolated from the Internet, Cisco NX-OS allows you to  configure the time as though it were synchronized through NTP, even  though it was not.

You can configure the device to act as an  authoritative NTP server, enabling it to distribute time even when it is  not synchronized to an existing time server.


Command or Action Purpose
Step 1switch# configure terminal 

Enters global configuration mode.

Step 2[no] ntp master [stratum]

Configures the device as an authoritative NTP server.

You can specify a different stratum level from which NTP clients get their time synchronized. The range is from 1 to 15.

Step 3show running-config ntp

Displays the NTP configuration.

Step 4switch(config)# copy running-config startup-config  (Optional)

Saves the change persistently through reboots and restarts by copying the running configuration to the startup configuration.


associated link. good reading

in your case you would make the 5548 the master, and point clients to it.. The better choice would be to get NTP from an internet based device and use that.

New Member

NTP server info: Urgent!!!!

Hi Miller,

My requirement is to configure Nexus 5548 switch as NTP server and all the servers in the network should be synchronize time. I'm having two nexus with redundancy.

Please suggest!!!



NTP server info: Urgent!!!!

follow the commands in the table provided in the first answer.

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