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NTP whats changed between 12.2T and 12.3T

I have recently refreshed our network with ISR routers 2851/3845s at the core. previously 2600/3660s

NTP no longer syncs

the configs are the same.

The way i did it I synced NTP at the internet router from an external clock. then allowed NTP packets through the firewall to a core router, the rest of the network then synced with the core router.

I can only think something must have changed in the way NTP is handled by the newer IOS

anybody got the answers

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Re: NTP whats changed between 12.2T and 12.3T

I have had some situations where I replaced a router running 12.2 (or 12.2T) with a router running 12.3 (or 12.3T) and have not had difficulties in getting NTP working on them. I am not aware of any change that would produce the symptoms that you describe.

Perhaps we can look at it step by step and find where (and then why) NTP is not working. First, is your internet router able to sync with its source?

It might help if you would post some details of how NTP is configured.



Re: NTP whats changed between 12.2T and 12.3T

Ok \right the Internet router syncs ok, this a 2851

the core router is actually a cat6509, I route the NTP packets through a VPN router (another 2851),I have also routed them through our pix firewall, but still not work. doing a Debug NTP packets at the Cat 6509 I see the ntp packets from the internet router, on the 6509

i have the "ntp server" which is the internet router, when you do a "sh ntp assoc" you see is configured but it does not sync( no *) I'll have a further look.

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