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number of NM-ESW-161 supported in 3662

Can someone tell me the number of nm-esw-16 (16 port ethernet switch card supported with 256mb RAM ) on my 3662 router i m running telcoen 12.28T4




Re: number of NM-ESW-161 supported in 3662

From your post, I understand you have an Enterprise feature set IOS

and 256MB of DRAM. Using Cisco's Dynamic Configuration Tool:

- only one (1) NM-16ESW was allowed to be configured

- your 12.2(8)T4 will work

Some more info:

* at least 96MB of DRAM

* IP Plus feature set is required (minimum)

* 32MB of Flash memory for Enterprise Plus feature set.

Hope this helps.

Community Member

Re: number of NM-ESW-161 supported in 3662

Hey I have Telcoent thats Telco Plus i think unluckily i m not a sales guy so Dynamic configuration tool doesnt work with my cco :( You mean with any hardware and software config the 3662 will support only 1 NM-ESW-16 card

Thanks a lot !!!!!!


Amit S


Re: number of NM-ESW-161 supported in 3662

Hi Amit, im not a sales guy either. It just happened that I became familiar

with the configuration tool. Also, you do not need special login for the tool:

Here's the link:

You will be logged in automatically as "GUEST".

Here's the updated info:

- Your TELCO plus software [version 12.2(8)T4] is good, but there's a

software advisory for that specific version. It is recommended that you

upgrade to at least 12.2(8)T5 version (latest is T8).

This info is only applicable to the HW and SW you have defined in this post.

With your 3662 router, the maximum number of NM-16ESW

that can be installed, without any other module, is only one(1).

If you're planning to use other network modules, try using the config tool.

I'm sure you'll learn a lot from it.


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